An area 25m2 operating as open plan accomodation with flexible/private space for two people living and working together.

The micro-house is a single, self contained apparatus designed to pivot through a 90º angle of rotation. The home environment is adjusted at different configurations to allow for altering use of space. This attempts to solve one of the biggest live/work challenges, that of static enclosures forced to serve multiple purposes.
More broadly, the modular unit is designed to colonise parts of the existing urban environment by plugging into areas that are now defunct or awaiting redevelopment. The unit can be deployed in office blocks, residential housing stock or prefabricated structures. Or, as shown here, it can be set up in the wilderness.

Built on a steel framework supported by a collar bearing to create a rotation point the space integrates WC/Shower, kitchen, bedroom, live/work area and storage. Scenarios are then planned around angles of rotation. Eg. 0º is the Bedroom setting, 45º is the work/dining/cooking setting and 90º the daytime/living room position. The point of rotation is fixed above the WC/Shower, this arrangement is unique as it negates the need for a separate wash room, opening up the complete floor plan to living space.

Pivot House was recognised with an ‘honourable mention’ by the BeeBreeder architectural competition jury.