Tomato is a group of artists, designers, musicians and writers who create cross platform, multi-media art and design projects in both commercial and research fields

Tomato also publish books and artworks, create exhibitions, gives live performances, and host workshops and lectures.

The group has been at the forefront of award-winning work for more than three decades.

Apple Tree Yard, London, 1992. Auto Suggestion.
Architectual Association, London, May 2000. A world, a world.
Brno, (Czech Republic), 1997. Windows Project.
Colette, Paris, 1997. Windows Project.
Cube, Manchester, October 2000- January 2001. A world, a moment.
Die Neue Sammlung, Munich, 1998. Process; A Tomato Project.
EACC, Castellon, (Spain), 2001. Chalk Board.
Ginza art space, Tokyo, 1998. Tomato makes London<=>Tokyo.
La Foret, Harajuku, Tokyo and Fukuoka, (Japan), 2001.
Lexington Street, London, 1997. Windows project.
Parco Museum, Tokyo, 2016. 25th anniversary retrospective.
Reed Space, Tokyo, 2006. August.